About The Product

100% Recyclable

We produce cardboard tube according to the needs of our customers.

Made of cardboard, a cardboard tube is a product that has many names. Although they have different nomenclatures, the products available on the market are the same as each other. Cardboard roller, cardboard coil and cardboard decoiler are among the names that are often used. There are many different uses. Cardboard tube produced by special machines are used in many fields, from food to textiles, from chemistry to the metallurgical industry. The product is nature friendly and can be recycled. In addition to being affordable, it is preferred due to the variety of its use. Different sizes and thicknesses can be produced on request.

Depending on the quality requirements, various types of cardboard and paper are used in the production of cardboard tube. We know that tube are the basic material of production and must be reliable. That is why we use specially designed raw materials for the production of tube.

We produce cardboard tube that we produce by state-of-the-art machines using 100% recycled, environmentally friendly materials.

Cardboard table top is a very important and necessary product in everyday life, in the national economy and in industry.

Cardboard tube are traditionally used as cylindrical containers for packaging food and non-food products, for wrapping various roll materials. It is possible that they can be produced in any size and color, as well as printed

Cardboard tube are widely used in textile, printing, food, chemical and metallurgical industries to produce various kinds of tape, film, fabric, yarn, paper, cardboard, etc. it is used in the production of materials.

Our customers use cardboard tube for a wide range of purposes:

  • Wrapping of polymer roll materials;
  • Winding of textile roll materials: fabric and non-woven materials, fibers, yarns, etc.
  • Wrapping of pulp and paper roll materials: offset paper, Kraft paper, rolled cardboard, parchment paper, lining, toilet paper, fax and printer paper, self-adhesive labels, etc.
  • Wrapping of construction and engineering roll materials: vapor barriers, roofing material, construction mesh, insulating film, sandpaper, linoleum, etc.
  • Wrapping of packaging materials.

Technical Specifications

Inner Diameter: 32 – 1500

Thickness: 1.5 – 20  

Length: Free

  • Customer, logo and other information can be printed on the inner and outer surface of the tubes.
  • The outer and inner surface of the tube can be made in the desired color.
  • We can offer individual inner diameter for tubes.
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