Usage Areas and Types of Products

Cardboard Tube can be used for many purposes. Cardboard Tube, which have different types from each other, are produced according to their use and location. Cardboard Tube that can be purchased in accordance with the need are also durable products. Cardboard Tube of different sizes and thicknesses are produced for each sector. In general, it is often preferred because of its low prices.

Cardboard Tube with different production and usage methods are preferred according to the area to be used in each field.

Textile Tube

Textile tube is a type of tube produced for use in the textile industry. This type of tube, which is quite strong and durable, is used for wrapping fabric or yarn. This product, which is indispensable for the textile sector, allows yarns and fabrics to look neat.

Packaging Tube

It is a very useful type of tube used in the packaging industry. The product, which is used for many different purposes, allows plastic and nylon products to be easily wrapped in a general sense. The type of tube used for easy storage of nylon and plastics also allows you to save space.

Fabric Tube

It is used in the fabric industry for the exhibition and cutting and selling of fabrics. tube, which have a saving feature for the fabric sector, are usually produced from cardboard. In addition to being useful, it is also an important product for cutting and selling fabrics. It also allows you to easily display fabrics.

Food Tube

It is used in the food sector for the purpose of selling products. It is preferred because it is a healthy storage form. It is an easy-to-produce product. It facilitates the storage and sale of food. It is one of the most preferred sales and storage options available dec the market.

Furniture Tube

It is a type of roller used to prevent scratching of furniture. There are many ways and options for use. It can also be used to decorate furniture. It can be used for coffee tables, armchairs, shelves or tables. They are durable, as they have a fairly rigid structure. They can be easily designed according to the way they are used. After purchase, you can use it any way you like.

Label Tube

Label tube is usually used in stationery. In addition to stationery, it can be used in the cosmetic sector. The label table used for the sale of products can be used for a long time. It is used in the sale of products that will break and may be scratched due to the form that prevents damage to the products. It can be used not only in stationery, but also for other purposes according to demand and need.

Plastic Industry Tube

It is a type of tube used in the plastic industry. The ability to store foil and nylon is quite important because of its pain. It helps to make sales easy and save space. Since they have a rigid structure, it is impossible for them to easily break and bend.

Transport and Packaging Tube

It is also used for transportation and packaging purposes. Due to the fact that it has a corrugated structure, it can be used especially for the transportation of products that may break. It is a product that is often preferred by companies for transportation and packaging in different sectors.

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