Types of Products

Hotmelt Packing Tape

Hotmelt is suitable for closures of boxes, parcels and plastic products with its fast adhesion and convenient rupture feature. It is used for sealing packages and packaging materials containing medium to heavy loads. It is convenient to use in automatic shutdown operations.

  • Our Hotmelt packing tapes offer the widest range of applications.
  • Our Hotmelt glue does not contain solvents.
  • It provides superior performance in manual and automatic machines.
  • Hotmelt tapes offer superior tensile strength, reliable adhesion.
  • It has superior breaking ability, suitable for manual use.

Acrylic Packing Tape

Acrylic duct tape, which is the most ideal to use for film surfaces, resists high heat.

The tape is suitable for dispensary use because it does not break easily by hand like other duct tapes.

It is produced transparently. Although it is suitable for use in light box and parcel packaging, it is mainly used in nylon packaging. It has fast adhesion and strong grip.

Acrylic Duct Tape is quite ideal in terms of application for conditions of low or high humidity. It also has a fairly strong resistance to oxidation and ensures that it is not affected even by exposure to sunlight. 

  • Thanks to the water-based acrylic glue, it does not turn yellow.
  • It is suitable for use at low and high temperatures.
  • It has a high resistance to external environments.

Printed Duct Tape

It has strong adhesion properties. It is especially preferred because of the contribution of companies that send products directly to their customers in creating brand awareness. You can add personality to your packaging and increase your brand awareness by using special printed duct tape for you. 

At the same time, the presence of printed duct tape on packages or products during logistics operations, storage and transportation stages prevents confusion and facilitates the tracking system. It can be easily noticed when a package sealed with printed tape is opened and destroyed. Suspicious situations can be easily avoided by using Printed Duct Tape, one of the important steps of safe transportation is taken.

It can be produced in any size, size and colors in accordance with the logo, emblem or font suitable for your needs.

  • It is produced by Hotmelt glue technology.
  • Your logo is not deleted because it is produced by printing from the bottom.
  • 24-100 mm. the decking can be produced in width and desired length.
  • Winding can be done in the desired meters.
  • It has strong adhesion properties.
  • It is a duct tape produced by melting rubber and resin at certain temperatures, blending them homogeneously and applying them evenly on the OPP film.
  • Up to 4 colors can be printed between opp film dec glue (bottom printing) with IPA flexographic ink.

Colored Duct Tape

Colored Duct Tape is produced in various colors to meet the special needs of your company. Manufacturers produce colored tape, while tinting the non-adhesive side of the tape. When choosing colored duct tape, you should pay attention to the fact that the tape does not fade and is durable. Because the tape you will choose should be suitable for the weariness of external conditions.

Colored tapes are strong, flexible and sticky, just like regular duct tapes. Thanks to this property, the tapes are resistant to a long-lasting adhesive for harsh conditions and adverse weather conditions.

You can use it for different purposes in many industries. You can use these tapes used for special purposes for many purposes, such as temporary ones, decoration, packaging. You can also choose to use Colored Duct Tape for situations where you want to give visually different messages and warnings.

Colored packing tapes; black, white, blue, green, red, yellow and many colors can be produced.Yesil

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