About The Product

100% Recyclable

Meet with Strong Protection Compatible with the Environment!

It is very easy to deliver your products to your customers undamaged and safely with Cardboard Corner Protectors.

You can protect your products against general damages and logistic damages without harming nature with our custom-made and environmentally friendly Edge Protectors that we produce using the latest technology.

It protects both the product and the packaging itself when applied to and/or inside the edges of your belongings, parcels, boxes and pallets. When you need special design, perfect edge protectors can be designed to fit your products exactly thanks to our asymmetric width production capability.


The Best Solution for Economical Packaging

Cardboard corner protectors; multiple paper layers pressed and aggregated to form a structure strong and extra strong adhesive corner is produced. Although its origin is paper, it is very resistant to impacts, surface pressure and compression.

Despite the common mistakes made in excessive and heavy packaging, it facilitates loading, unloading, transportation and storage operations by distributing the pressure of the package due to its even and high power dissipation without the need for heavy-walled transport boxes, sometimes without using any boxes.

Cardboard Corner Protectors protect the corners of pallets from physical damage that may occur from pressure and impact from all sides. It is both the safest and the most economical packaging solution with its lightweight structure and easy use to protect the products transported by pallet from dispersion and damage.

Cardboard Corner Protectors are a unique product that can be used as an independent part of packaging corners and packaging, as well as compatible with other packaging materials such as stretch film, tape, circle and so on.

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