Frequently Asked Questions

Are You The Manufacturer?

Yes, we produce our products in our facility located in Hadımköy Istanbul.

Do You Do Custom Metered Production?

Yes, we make special measured production according to your request when appropriate conditions are provided.

What is Your Delivery Time?

Although it varies according to the product type and quantity, we deliver at the end of a minimum of 3 – maximum of 15 working days after your order.

Do You Have a Shipping Service?

We carry out deliveries with our own vehicles in Istanbul.

We receive services from private transportation companies for non-Istanbul.

How Do You Ship It?

Our products are shipped according to your requirement; by parcel or pallet with a circle and stretch. Precautions are taken against possible damage that may occur during the transportation process.

Product identification labeling is performed.

How Do I Order?

After your communication with our company, our specially appointed Customer Representatives support you at every stage of the order process.

Can I Order the Pieces I Want?

You can order any quantity you want in all our standard productions except for your customized needs.

What Quality Certificates Do You Have?

We have FSC and ISO9001 quality certificates.

Do You Have a Sample Product Shipment?

Yes, we ship the product you requested or the nearest counterpart for free by Domestic Shipping.

If you wish, you can also send us your samples of the products you are using for free and have them quality tested.

How Do We Pay?

We offer advance and term payment options. You can pay by bank transfer or cheque.

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