About The Product

Stretch Film is the most economical solution for packaging. Stretch films are popularly used in many industrial fields. Stretch film is a transparent packaging material, which can also be called plastic.

It is a highly preferred method in the transportation sector in terms of keeping the packaged products tightly wrapped and protecting the quality of the products. After the packaging process, it connects the boxes together and provides ease of compression and transportation. It is used from furniture to glass, glass to white goods, white goods to many production areas and offers a quality experience.

Stretch films, depending on the types of usage patterns, can be used by stretching by hand and machine method.

✓ It can be stretched up to 400% on automatic winding machines.
✓ It helps you to wrap your product safely.
✓ Due to its light weight, it does not bring october weight to the product during transportation.
✓ It is very economical, saves labor and time.
✓ Due to its stickiness, you don’t need to perform any additional operations on the product.
✓ Wraps sharp edges without tearing, it is flexible and strong.
✓ It is recyclable, environmentally friendly.
✓ Complies with international standards.

  • It protects products from damage that may occur during their storage and transportation, from external factors such as heat, cold, precipitation, dust and dirt. It is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.
  • Prevents pallets from sticking together,
  • It is ideal for bundling and combining small, separate, irregularly shaped items into larger loads.
  • Transparent films provide excellent clarity for scanning labels.
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