Usage Areas and Technical Features

Areas Of Use

Pallet Alignment and Stacking

It increases the stacking capacity, facilitates pallet alignment. More storage space is saved by stacking more in a single pallet. On pallets stacked with Edge Protectors, parcels and boxes will not be damaged.

Strapping Protection

Tight strapping to ensure product alignment may cause the boxes to collapse or be damaged. Possible damage caused by the circle is prevented by cardboard corner protectors placed under the circles.

Box Strength and Stacking

Thanks to cardboard corner protectors that can be placed inside boxes, you can save on using thick-walled boxes. Thanks to its vertical bearing strength, you can make high stacking and also reduce your logistics costs.

Sack and Barrel Alignment

It is one of the most effective packaging materials in reducing and protecting costs when used correctly in packing loose sacks and barrels.​

White Goods and Furniture Packaging

It is one of the most economical packaging materials that can be applied to prevent bumps, dents and scratches during transportation and storage, and to provide protection of edges and corners. It also prevents possible damage caused by adhesive packaging materials such as tape, film, etc. used during product packaging

Cylindrical Products and Furniture Packaging

It is used for edge protection of cylindrical products shipped as coils and circular furniture. It prevents the risk of damage due to strapping and impact by increasing the strength of the product to be transported. It strengthens the brand image by printing on it.

Technical Specifications

We have the widest december of sizes on the market. We provide services by using the highest quality materials in the production of Cardboard Gussets with high production capacity, fast production and delivery.

Thickness: from 2 to 10 mm (D)

Edge Width: from 30 to 120 mm (C – B)

Length: Up to 13 meters free (A)

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