Sustainability is the fact that human life can also be fundamental while ensuring the continuity of production and diversity. In other words, we can meet our own needs without spending on the needs of future generations. In summary, it is used to leave a world that can sustain ecological, social and economic factors for future generations. Although we think of environmental decency when we think of sustainability, in fact, social conditions are a holistic perspective that internalizes ecological and economic components together. This concept should not only take place in memories with its environmental meaning. It is a very important issue to meet the economic and social requirements of the time in which we are taking part without any damage to the opportunities of future generations.

The Importance of Sustainability

With the industrial Revolution, important developments have occurred in terms of industry and technology. With the industry growing every day, there have also been increases in energy needs. In this way, non-renewable energy sources such as oil and coal have been used. The fact that industry is a growing sector has caused new ones to be added to the deterioration based on the agricultural economy. Rapid industrialization has led to migration from village to city, urbanization, rapid population growth, a decrease in biodiversity and environmental pollution. In general, it has been a kind of harbinger that a sociological change will occur.

All living things interact with each other in nature. In the ecological balance, they live their lives in a way that is connected to each other. Ecologically damaged nature causes damage in economic and social conditions. The damage caused here ensures that the damage occurs in the other section as well. The effect of the individual’s disregard for the natural environment dominates the speed of self-improvement of the natural environment. This situation has arisen due to the need to act without upsetting the balance of the ecological system. For this reason, industrial enterprises and other enterprises that have a negative impact on the ecosystem first internalize the concept of sustainability. At this point, it is necessary to carry out the necessary studies. Sustainability can be achieved with a management approach that includes not only economic aspects of companies, but also social conditions and environmental issues in the company’s issues. On the other hand, the concept of sustainability is not just a topic that covers companies. For this reason, individuals also have great responsibilities about this issue. Acting on the principles of sustainability, we should use today’s resources in the most correct way and the needs of future generations should be protected.

What are the Components of Sustainability?

The concept of sustainability is a kind of perspective that embodies factors such as ecological, social conditions and economic components. In order for sustainability to emerge, the three concepts must be managed in a balanced manner. These concepts are known as sustainability components. These;

Social Sustainability: It falls on the sustainability of social conditions in areas such as health, happiness, quality of life and education. Enrichment of relations between people, as well as ensures the achievement of individual and group goals. Decoupage of personal and group goals. In addition, it can change by the effects that economic and ecological changes will have on social conditions.
Ecological Sustainability: It emphasizes that the resources found in nature will one day be exhausted and that these resources should be used correctly. It deconstructs the relationship between nature and the individual by ensuring the protection of ecology. He advocates environmental sustainability, which is very important for every living being. The use of natural resources as if they will never cease to meet economic needs, interference with the life rights of living beings in terms of development are among the issues that address ecological sustainability.
Economic Sustainability: Economic sustainability based on an economic and administrative function; sustainability of production and consumption dynamics is very important in terms of issues such as achieving economic continuity. It is also of great importance for development.

What are the Principles of Sustainability?

Disclaimer: It states that scientific uncertainty cannot be used to postpone actions or actions that will protect the environment.
Participation: Includes participation in the creation and implementation of policies, decisions, measures and budgets.
Hakçalık: It provides for the reduction of poverty in order to ensure a socially just division of the cake of growth.
Planning: It is the process of deciding which segments are politically observed in the process of medium- and long-term development.
Integrated policy: It is the feeding of economic growth and social justice factors into various policies with the effect of environmental protection.

What are the Goals of Sustainability?

Ensuring that everyone is in a healthy lifestyle,
Ensuring gender equality,
Ensuring a fair education system,
Ending poverty,
Strengthening global cooperation,
Ensuring sustainable use by protecting the oceans and seas,
Jul: Ensuring everyone’s access to clean water and public health conditions,
Ensuring that everyone has access to sustainable energy,
Decimation of inequalities within society and between countries,
Making human settlements sustainable,
Protecting, repairing and supporting terrestrial ecosystems, ending soil and biodiversity losses,
It is the identification of sustainable production and consumption patterns.

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