The Importance of Recovery in Energy Production

Recycling means reusing materials. The more recycling is provided, the less energy needs will arise. Because it will take quite a bit of energy to make a pet bottle reusable without having to produce it all over again. This situation allows to control the consumption of natural resources to a significant extent in addition to a clean environment. Jul: In this regard, it may be one of the dec that guide the future of societies.

Energy-Saving Recycling

It requires a significant amount of energy expenditure to produce industrial products containing recyclable objects such as glass, wood, paper from scratch. However, recycling such products with recycling processes means spending relatively less energy. Bringing a product from scratch to the middle begins to harm the environment when obtaining raw materials. Damage to the ecosystem, air and water pollution are the main causes of these damages where raw materials are produced. Example; for the production of one ton of aluminum, it is necessary to mine four tons of bauxite. This mine must be transported, processed, met in natural water, heated to high temperatures, and finally, the separation process must be performed. Taking into account the electricity consumed at each step for this process, serious dimensions are encountered. However, recovering the same aluminum from recycling is a fairly simple and short-term journey. Recyclable products are collected, transported, decomposed, processed and new products are revealed. Some of the recyclable objects are;

Aluminum cans,
Metal kitchen utensils,
Plastic boxes,
Glass jars,
Medicine bottles,
Milk cans,
Wood waste,

In addition to creating new raw materials, the fact that recycled materials have become useful also means that manufacturers save energy and money to obtain these products. Of course, the use of construction equipment and fuel costs are the main ones for this type of operation. Even the fuel usage of construction machinery and transportation vehicles incurs significant costs. Energy savings of up to 30% are achieved in companies that take steps to recycle compared to before.

Why Do We Need Energy Savings?

Many of the jobs we perform in our lives are directly proportional to energy. Various fields such as movement, production, electricity all show a commitment to energy. When energy use is reduced, the speed of spending natural resources can also be reduced and pollution can be prevented. It is very important that we take such actions to leave a livable world for future generations. There are some points to conserve energy. These;

Saving money is directly proportional to using energy efficiently. One of the most important reasons for energy saving is to reduce costs.
Obtaining electricity generation from fossil fuels is an unclean option. jul. In this process, the effects of global warming arise as a result of the spread of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The Main Recycled Products in Energy Production are

Plastic Recycling: Recycling plastic products provides energy savings of 66%. One ton of plastic recovery is achieved by saving 5774 kWh of energy, 23.2 cubic meters of natural land use, saving about 1000-2000 gallons of fuel and saving 16 barrels of oil. In addition, shower curtains, various toys, plumbing pipes and window frames cannot be recycled.
Glass Recycling: Glass is one of the most important objects of recycling. It can be recycled many times without loss. Thanks to natural sand, which is the recovery of glass, limestone-like resources are used less and less. In addition, it also prevents transportation and fuel consumption and land degradation. 42 kWh of energy is spent to recycle a ton of glass. In addition, approximately 315 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, 5 gallons of oil and 1.5 cubic meters of land use savings are achieved.
Aluminum Recycling: Recycling twenty cans allows you to save energy to the extent that one can be re-produced by recycling one can. Efficient recovery is achieved by recycling aluminum waste and metals can come out of this process mostly intact. Recycling about 450 g of aluminum waste (33 cans) allows you to save electricity for 7 hours kWh. Recycling one ton of aluminum results in energy savings of 14000 kWh and natural land use savings of 7.65 cubic meters.
Paper Recycling: 40% of paper waste is among the materials that can be recycled dec 4100 kWh energy savings are obtained from paper recycling.

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